Summer Update!

Hey World!

It has been a whole four months since I last posted on this blog and I figured it was about time that I updated you all on what has been happening in my life and how preparation is going for packing up and moving across the country to attend BSSM! 


Life has been a tad crazy lately! The most recent milestone is that I survived my last bout of finals frenzy and graduated from college in May with a degree in Nonprofit Administration as well as a degree in Communication. Now I am finishing my last two electives online and will officially be done with my undergrad mid-July!!!! Although I’m technically headed out to another school, I’m very much ready to say goodbye to research papers and late nights cramming for exams for awhile. I also got the BEST job nannying for an amazing family up until I leave for California. I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better gig and I’m honestly blown away by God’s insanely perfect orchestration in my life.

Story Share:
This past April I had a week where I was feeling really discouraged and defeated, particularly about the financial aspect of attending Bethel. My head was just filled with a bunch of lies and I couldn’t seem to shake it. One particular Friday I was going to meet up with a girl a little younger than I that I knew from church to catch up and talk about Bethel. By this point of the week I didn’t even want to go, I was afraid to have anything negative occur and all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls. But I really felt the Holy Spirit push me to go and trust in Him. The whole ride looked like God continually asking me, “Who do you serve? Who is your God? Is it me or is it people?” By the time we met up I felt a little better and more confident in what God has told me about going to BSSM and His provision. My friend had zero idea what was going on in my life but she started the whole conversation telling me about a similar ministry school she had attended and about every single time God had come through with the finances in insane ways. I’m not a huge crier but at this point I was trying to keep it together because it was exactly what I needed. Then she says, “I’ve also been getting a ton of art jobs lately. I actually just got a gig painting a mural for the city where I got to name whatever price I wanted. And I wanted to let you know that all the money from that project is going to go towards your schooling.” It’s a very rare occasion that I don’t have something to say but at that point I was completely shocked and speechless and the poor hipster drinking his coffee next to me had the chance to witness me cry in public, so there’s that.

All I could think of was that during my whole drive there, I was coming with ton of logic and not much faith or expectation. Thinking that because she was my age and still in college there was no way she would be able to give. Yet God wanted her specifically to invest in what He was doing in the Kingdom through me, so He gave her the means to do so. Pretty simple.

Slowly, I’m learning how much His power and sovereignty affects everything. And how insanely GOOD and incredibly gracious He is to me, even when I’m doubting everything He says…again. So right now I’m still prepping to go out to California and part of that looks like finding people who want to invest in my time at Bethel financially as well as through prayer and encouragement. Day by day I’m learning how much of this is me not doing everything on my own and being completely independent and self-sufficient, but leaning into God and leaning into community as well. Because the truth of the matter is that I definitely can’t go alone, I need people in order for it to happen.

Through the last few months of this process I’ve learned so much about how I view myself and who I think God as well as having the opportunity to see His faithfulness and provision in some pretty spectacular ways. So much so that half of my funds have been raised so far!!! If you want to invest in what God’s doing through taking me to BSSM either financially or through prayer you can do so one of the following ways:

Give to Tuition:

Give to Living Expenses: 

Mail: Hannah Apelt//22161 Meadownorth Court//Strongsville, OH 44149

Pay Pal:


Send me an email ( and I can hook you up on my monthly email page!


Thank you for all your love and support!!


Hannah Renee